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PeptideTech is your safe, convenient and private online source for research liquids and peptides made in the USA.

PeptideTech has an enthusiastic, energetic and friendly Technical and Customer Support team with years of experience in the Life Science industry.

PeptideTech provides catalog peptides and liquids along with custom synthesis of highly purified peptides, proteins and amino acid derivatives for scientific research and development.

PeptideTech takes pride in their service and value every client relationship.

What We Stand For

PeptideTech is founded on a set of core values. These values are embedded in every aspect of our business. Expressing these values through strategic planning and research work solidifies who we are, what we deliver to our customers, how we develop our employees and why we contribute to our community.

Our values are

• Service
• Quality
• Reliable
• Innovative
• Affordable

By leveraging the best people, a proven quality management process, and innovative techniques, PeptideTech delivers small to large-scale research products that ensure quality and reliability.

Our vision is our goal: “PeptideTech will be the leading Worldwide provider of Peptides, Liquids and Custom products in the global biotechnology industry.”

Our mission is our pledge: “Every order and in any product apply our expertise, innovation and breadth of capabilities to deliver research products that ensure quality and reliability for our clients.”

Our motto is "Exceptional Service Through Quality, Reliability and Innovation".